IDEP’s team is making sure that the program is publishing regular updates, both in its fundraising progress and inclusion in the local and international news.


  • 21st September 2017: BWP won the “Outstanding trophy” in the international contest “World Water Challenge 2017” for its originality and simplicity and as a response to one of the ten selected large-scale water issues in eight countries (here for “How Can Rainwater Harvesting Be Implemented to Obtain an Alternative Resource in HCMC, Mekong Delta?”) – KIWW 2017, 3rd edition of World Water Challenge under the Science and Technology Process of the 7th World Water Forum in 2015 in Gyeongju city, Republic of Korea, 21/9/2017.





  • 10th July 2017: The power of music is real !!!
    Thanks to the generosity of Tubby Love, Amber Lily Uilani and Be The Change charities for their amazing donation of US$ 4368 for Bali Water Protection!







  • 23rd April 2017: two musicians coming to Bali to perform at the Bali Spirit Festival wrote a song to raise funds and awareness for the Bali Water Protection program. This fundraising is done in partnership with BeTheChange who will match the donations received through downloads of the song.


  • 22 & 23rd April 2017: we were so excited to be part of the Malu Dong festival to raise awareness about the Bali water crisis and its solution to kids and youths!











  • 16th August 2016: IDEP newsletter featuring “Bali Water Protection: Pioneer CSR Program, A Business Responsibility”
    IDEP has recently launched its BWP Pioneers Corporate Social Responsibility offer aiming to finance the Bali Water Protection program and save Bali’s freshwater. Pioneers sponsors have the chance to show business leadership in protecting the most valuable resource on Earth: water. As a pioneer, seed supporter of the high profile BWP program, the company will be showcased throughout program roll out across IDEP Foundation’s networks. “iwantmyname” and “Bali Buda” have already signed up, and we hope that many others will help us to restore and protect our precious freshwater.


  • 4th August 2016 : Sustainable Tourism: big donation from an organizer of Yoga retreat in Bali!
    We just received a donation of USD 1500 from Vitality Moves whose guests for the yoga retreat raised funds save Bali’s freshwater. “Each student on this retreat has to raise money to give back to the community we visit. I will be encouraging visitors form my community in Bali to think about contributing to the water and environment issues while they visit” (Michelle Redman)



  • 7 July 2016: thanks to the support of one of our donors, we have hired a full-time communication and fundraising officer who is about to launch the communication campaign around our crowdfunding platform ( Without any proper communication campaign around the program, we are closed to having reached 2% of our funding goal of 845,000 US$ and invite you to help us see this important program get implemented.


  • 28th June 2016 : Sustainable Tourism: the future we want to save Bali’s freshwater
    Bali’s future change-makers have announced the future they want for Bali is “sustainable tourism”. The question is “how will Bali achieve sustainability goals with a business-as-usual approach?





  • BWP Youtube channel launch so that you may consult various techniques about groundwater recharge through rainwater-gravity-fed open wells: The wells we’ll be designing with the university Politechnic Negeri Bali are based on the same principles but will have some modifications such as building filters outside of the well space for instance – and not inside or around as you will see in numerous cases – in order to facilitate long-term maintenance and easy access.



  • 5 June 2015 – ongoing: BWP received the official support and endorsement by the Governor of Bali and the follow-up endorsements since from all related key environmental public agencies for the implementation of our program (PDAM, BLH, BAPPEDA, PU, ESDM, etc), thanks to and through our partners university Polytechnic Negeri Bali. Some new well building programs are coming to light, This is fantastic news and a great and fundamental step forward as an important yet invisible part of our program is to ensure that rainwater recharge wells will increasingly be an integral part of all upcoming good-practice water management policy and governance. The urgency remains though as it is no longer 60%+ of freshwater reserve gone as indicated by our research in 2012-2013 but 75-80% according to a latest meeting organized by the Indonesian Association of Geologists (IAGI) last 25 April 2015.


  • 28 April 2015: Official launch of our program through a press conference on 28 April 2015 – attended much beyond our expectations of which you will find some reports here below. Thank you to these journalists for coming so numerous!


  • November 2014 – June 2015: Establishment and confirmation of partnerships and program parameters, budgets finalisations, communication material output


  • January 2013 – June 2014: Program elaboration and partnership development


  • November 2012: first meetings and discussions between IDEP and PNB

















  • Vexral (21/04/2017)
    IDEP Bali Water Protection Program Unite W/ Musical Activists To Save The Water