Aquifer Rehabilitation

BWP will harvest rainwater by the construction of 136 recharge wells ensuring rapid freshwater replenishment on the main island of Bali, and also on the nearby sister islands.

The island’s topography is ideal to facilitate collection and ensure the island’s supply of water for the centuries to come: helping nature helps itself with a solution that can be implemented in many other locations facing water shortages.

136 wells is just PILOT for Bali, Bali needs much more wells to reach the BALANCE between Consumption and Recharge




Research of recharge areas, 3 different wells designs, Building manual, Training of construction supervisors

Benefits of gravity rainwater-fed recharge wells:

Low cost, Low maintenance, Low land surface required, Participate to reduce flooding, Reduce and balance salt water intrusion, Rapidly increases the overall available supply of fresh water, Alleviate a ground subsidence condition in progress for years, Supplement the quantity of groundwater available, prevent water stagnation & associated disease risk from mosquito’s (i.e. dengue)

Funding needed: 77.23% budget = US $ 560.016,95